Thursday, September 17, 2009

To start with...

So, you want to get into Amateur radio?
Heres a quick introduction on how:
Go to the ARRL website and look up Amateur Radio clubs in your local area. There are thousands of clubs worldwide!
Find out when they meet, and go to the meeting. At this point, let the members know your interest in Amateur radio. Many of the "seasoned" hams  will be happy to help.
 The first level of licensing is the Technician license, next is the General license, then the highest is the Extra class. The Technician class license is good for 10 years. You do NOT have to take the Morse code test anymore to become licensed.
There are many study books out there to take the test. sells a great book to study from to take your first test:
.  This is Gordons Wests book. He tends to be not as technical as some of the manuals out there. You still learn but it really is simplified.
The test consists of 35 questions, drawn fro a pool if questions. You take the test at a qualified Ham club that is approved by the ARRL. The testers have to meet certain standards in order to be able to administer the test. After you take the test and pass, then the hard part comes: waiting for your call sign to show up on the FCC database! This takes about a week. Once you have your callsign, you can start using your new radio.
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